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If You Want To Keep Costs Down as a Student, Here’s Where You Should Study

Keeping costs down as a university student can sometimes seem like an impossible feat, given how expensive tuition fees are and the height of interest rates on student loans.

However, it can be done, and as a new study by credit card company shows, it’s easier to do so in some places than others.

According to the study, Lincoln is the cheapest place to be a student in the UK.

After comparing the price of things such as rent, travel, gym memberships and even the cost of a pint in UK university towns and cities, Lincoln turned out to be the cheapest overall.

The city replaces Keele at the top of the table, after the Staffordshire town dropped from 1st to 11th place this year.

It will come as no great surprise to you that London universities are down at the bottom, with Imperial College proving to be the most expensive for 4 out of 8 of the determining factors.

Although Lincoln is the cheapest overall, the following university towns and cities are winners on an individual basis:

🏆  Cheapest weekly rent: Edinburgh (£102.18)

🏆 Cheapest travel pass: Leicester and Loughborough (£29)

🏆 Cheapest gym membership: Kent (£4.83)

🏆 Cheapest cinema ticket: Cardiff (£6.50)

🏆 Cheapest pint: Lancaster (£2.80)

🏆 Cheapest kebab: Newcastle (£4.20)

🏆 Cheapest meal out for two: Bath (£38)

🏆 Cheapest taxi ride: Queen’s University Belfast (£0.78)

See the full table below.

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