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Stop The Job Hunt. The National Trust Needs Someone To Look After Baby Seal Pups & Puffins

Whatever stage you’re at in the hunt for a graduate job, there have probably been more than a few occasions on which you’ve just wanted to give it all up and go and live on a remote island somewhere. Well, not only is this now not such a far-fetched idea, this could actually be your job. The National Trust is currently hiring for a Ranger to live and work on their Farne Islands nature reserve just off the coast of Northumberland.

The best part about the job? You’d be spending your days looking after baby seal pups and puffins.

When you’re not monitoring the reserve’s population of grey seals or looking after the various seabirds who make the islands their home, you’ll be helping the Ranger team with their extensive conservation work and ensuring the islands’ tens of thousands of visitors leave inspired by the work you’re doing there. You’d be earning £17,934 a year and all of your accommodation would be provided. Depending on how much you value your independence, you may or may not consider it an added bonus that your friends and family wouldn’t be able to stay with you on the islands.

Before you get too excited, a desire to look after cute baby seal pups and puffins is, unfortunately, not quite enough. Among several other requirements, you also need a bird ringing licence, a brush cutter certificate and the ability to drive a powerboat, all of which we all have, right? 🙃

If you do happen to know how to drive a powerboat and think you meet the rest of the requirements, you can find out more here.

For the rest of you, here’s what you’ll be missing out on.

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