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Students Have Been Revealing What They Secretly Wanted To Write On Their UCAS Application

Writing a personal statement for UCAS is one of those stressful milestones all students have to go through when applying for university. Acknowledging the fact that fierce competition for university places often encourages you to stretch the truth a little, The Guardian’s Student Express has been asking students to reveal what they really would have written if they were being completely honest.

The results are considerably more entertaining than the real thing:

Some would’ve just told it like it is:

And some would’ve put all their cards on the table:

Some wouldn’t have attempted to oversell how they felt about the course they were applying for:

Or over-exaggerate their skills: 

Some would’ve just thrown absolute caution to the wind and bribed the university:

And some would’ve just done what we all really felt like doing:

You can read more of the honest applications as they’re submitted, or even upload your own, by clicking here.

Want to write an article like this?

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