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The 14 People You Will Recognise Now You’ve Graduated

You’ve graduated! You and your fellow educated folk are capped, gowned and ready for the real world…or something to that effect anyway. If you don’t know one of the people on this list, it’s probably because it’s you…

1. The traveller

As soon as that degree ceremony is over you’re straight on a plane to pastures new in search of sunlight, soul mates and yourself.



2. The eternal optimist

You graduated, moved back home, and are having little luck on the dreaded graduate job hunt. However, you’re refusing to let it get you down.



3. The eternal pessimist

Conversely, you’re in the exact same lonely boat as your optimistic alter ego but you haven’t yet found that silver lining. You haven’t given up, but you’re not hopeful.



4. The academic

In spite of all the complaining about early lectures and too many exams, absence made the heart grow fonder when it comes to academia for you. Forget the job hunt; it’s all about the hunt for that postgraduate course that just speaks to you on another level.



5. The jump ship

You graduated in a really specific degree, but now that you’re finished you’ve had a sudden, unexpected change of heart on what you want from your career. Now you’re stuck at a crossroads and every decision is a hard one.



6. The time traveller

You might have your degree, but now that you’re back at home, you feel as though you’ve returned to square one.



7. The married couple

In the opposite fashion, unlike the time traveller, you feel like your life is suddenly on fast-forward. One minute you were a carefree undergraduate whose biggest problem was who was hosting predrinks, now you’re a graduate with a life that’s suddenly very different from your friends’ who look on in bemused awe.



8. The one who gives advice

You feel the same pain as your fellow graduates and you’re fighting the same uphill battles as them, but you’re full of good advice and you’re the one they turn to when it all gets a bit too much.



9. The one who gives unhelpful advice

You’re also full of the good advice, but, to some, when you say “You’ve just got to keep trying” all they hear is “You’re not trying hard enough”.



10. The job hopper

You’ve scarcely been out of education for five minutes but you’re a pioneer of job hunting spirit. While the rest of us are still struggling with just getting out of bed in the morning, you’re already building up quite the industry profile.



11. The car crash

You graduated…and it was all downhill from there. Everything’s gone wrong. Turns out you did a degree in something you now hate. You hate being back at home. You hate yourself. You hate everything. The world has turned against you. This is not what you signed up for.



12. The car crash in employment

You’re feeling just as dejected, but you do have a job. You thought it was what you wanted to do, but it’s not. Now you feel like you’ve essentially trapped yourself in a corner. On the bright side, at least you can afford the drinks to drown your sorrows.

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13. The decider

You are a grad with a plan. It’s not been easy, but you have a plan at last. You’re starting from the bottom, but you know that the only way is up from here.



14. The fully fledged adult 

Forget your troubles, you achieved the stuff of legends: you nailed your degree and proceeded to successfully land your dream graduate job.



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