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These 20 Universities Are The Most Sustainable In The UK

Anyone who’s been to a university in the UK over the last few years will have noticed a huge increase in the amount of effort institutions and students’ unions alike are putting into being more sustainable. It’s something that young people in particular care strongly about, and as a result green university rankings are becoming as important to prospective students as any other kind of university ranking.

Recognising this, People and Planet have once again complied their University League table that ranks UK universities by “environmental and ethical performance.” The universities were given a score for how well they performed in things such as waste and recycling, environmental policy, sustainable food and many more.

Here are the 20 universities that came out as the greenest:

1. Nottingham Trent University

Total score: 76.2%

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2. University of Brighton

Total score: 74.8%

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3. Manchester Metropolitan University

Total score: 73.8%

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4. Cardiff Metropolitan University

Total score: 73.0%

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5. University of Worcester

Total score: 72.8%

6. Aston University

Total score: 71.4%

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7. City University London

Total score: 70.6%

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=8. University of Gloucestershire

Total score: 68.2%

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=8. Newcastle University

Total score: 68.2%

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10. Swansea University

Total score: 64.8%

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11. University of Bedfordshire

Total score: 64.7%

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12. Plymouth University

Total score: 64.3%

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13. De Montfort University

Total score: 64.0%

14. London School of Economics And Political Science

Total score: 63.5%

15. Keele University

Total score: 62.6%

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=16. University of Exeter

Total score: 62.1%

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=16. Royal Agricultural University

Total score: 62.1%

18. University of Greenwich

Total score: 60.9%

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19. University of Bradford

Total score: 60.6%

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20. Bournemouth University

Total score: 60.1%


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You can view the complete rankings here.

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