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This Student’s Tinder-Style App Is Everything We’ve Ever Wanted And More

If you’re a pet lover who’s ever used Tinder, let’s not even pretend you’ve never swiped right on someone for no other reason than because they have a cute pet in one of their pictures.

You know full well the person whose pet it is was bargaining on you doing exactly that, but it doesn’t matter. You see an adorable dog or cat and before you know it your eyes have turned to hearts and you’ve swiped right.

The downsides to this are many. For one thing, it’s highly unlikely the Tinder-human is even a fraction as cute as the pet in their pictures. It’s also often the case that said pet doesn’t actually belong to the person in question; it turns out it’s someone else’s dog, or a cat they befriended on holiday last year. Or the pet is theirs but it doesn’t live with them. Or it was theirs but it’s dead now.

Well, great. Thanks for crushing my dreams of meeting the actual object of my desire. Such false advertising.

It just makes you think, doesn’t it? If only there was an app that matches you with a pet rather than a human, because, let’s face it, that seems to be what you’re actually looking for.



Well, good news.

A second year student at the University of Kent has created an app that’s just like Tinder, but it matches you with unhomed cats and dogs rather than humans.

The app, Pawfect Match, was created by Jaye Graham and uses a Tinder-style interface to allow potential pet-owners to find local rescue dogs and cats that are in need of a home.

Just like Tinder, you can select your preferences for what you’re ideally looking for and you’ll be matched up to any relevant pets within the distance you’ve outlined.

Graham won a £1,000 investment for the business after pitching the app at the Business Start-Up Journey final held at the University. This was double the usual amount of the £500 prize, but the judges were understandably impressed enough to throw in another £500.

So, forget Tinder. You no longer need to pin your hopes and dreams of having access to a lovable pet on matching with some average, unlovable human on there. Now you can just cut out the middle man or woman and match directly with the pet itself.

Even if you’re not ready to actually commit to anything serious with them just yet, at least everyone you swipe through and match with will be at the very least a 9/10.

The chat is probably much better, too.

You can download the app here.

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