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Your Salary Will Be Higher Than Expected If You Study at These 10 Universities

According to a new analysis of government data on graduate earnings by The Economist, some universities are doing a better job of boosting graduate salaries than others.

The analysis compares graduates’ wages with an estimate of how much they would have been earning anyway based on factors such as subject choice, exam results, family income and whether they went to a private or state school.

By comparing predicted earnings with actual graduate earnings, you can measure how successfully, or not, your university is impacting your salary.

Adding an extra £3,093 to its graduates’ salaries, the University of Portsmouth came in at the top of the list, boosting expected earnings of £23,075 to £26,168.

At the opposite end of the scale is the University of St. Andrews, with its graduates earning -£4,949 less than their £36,607 expected salary.

Here are the 10 universities that did the most to boost their graduates’ salaries.

1. University of Portsmouth

Predicted earnings: £23,075

Actual earnings: £26,168

Value added: £3,093

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2. Aston University

Predicted earnings: £26,084

Actual earnings: £29,050

Value added: £2,966

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3. Newman University

Predicted earnings: £21,557

Actual earnings: £24,357

Value added: £2,801

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4. Bournemouth University

Predicted earnings: £23,942

Actual earnings: £26,671

Value added: £2,730

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5. Robert Gordon University

Predicted earnings: £26,155

Actual earnings: £28,858

Value added: £2,703

6. University of Nottingham

Predicted earnings: £30,703

Actual earnings: £33,011

Value added: £2,308

7. City, University of London

Predicted earnings: £28,901

Actual earnings: £31,075

Value added: £2,174

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8. Harper Adams University

Predicted earnings: £26,249

Actual earnings: £28,367

Value added: £2,118

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9. Brunel University London

Predicted earnings: £26,535

Actual earnings: £28,569

Value added: £2,034

10. University of Oxford

Predicted earnings: £40,855

Actual earnings: £42,788

Value added: £1,933

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