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You’re Getting The Best Value For Your Money If You Study at These 10 Universities

We all know university is expensive these days, no matter where you study. But according to new research by Expert Market, some universities do offer better value for money than others.

Rather than focusing solely on academic performance, the study looked at factors such as the cost of accommodation, the price of a pint, and income after graduation to reveal which UK universities provide students with the best return on their investment.

Here are the top 10.

1. Loughborough University

2. Keele University

next step: graduation🎈

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3. University of Warwick

Oculus earlier this evening 🌙 @universityofwarwick

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4. Newcastle University


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5. Cardiff University

UNI views (yes I'm still here) (2012-forever) @cardiffuni #mainbuilding

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6. University of Nottingham

Nottingham university is a truly amazing place

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7. University of St. Andrews

It's always nice to come up to one of my favourite places in Scotland.

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8. University of Bath

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9. Swansea University

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10. University of Dundee

You can find out more and see the complete rankings here.

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