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You’re More Likely To Be Noticed By Top Graduate Employers If You Study at These 25 Universities

According to the latest review of the graduate job market by High Fliers, certain institutions have been targeted by more leading graduate employers than others. With over 140ย recognised higher learning institutions in the UK, it’s hardly surprising that employers haven’t been able to visit all of them equally. What is surprising is which universities top graduate recruiters have been choosing to focus their attention on for “campus fairs, recruitment presentations or other local university promotions.”

You could be forgiven for assuming that Oxford and Cambridge would sit at the top of the list, with both universities topping league tables such asย The Times & Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017. However, although both Oxford and Cambridge have made the top 10 here, it’s Manchester, Warwick and Bristol who, respectively, attracted the most leading graduate recruiters in 2016-17, in spite of only one of them featuring highly in The Times & Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017.

Here are the 25 universities targeted by the most top graduate employers in 2016-17.

1. University of Warwick

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2. University of Manchester

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3. University of Bristol

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4. University of Cambridge

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5. University of Leeds

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6. University of Birmingham


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7. University of Nottingham


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8. University of Oxford

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9. Durham University

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10. University of Bath

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11. University of Edinburgh

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12. London School of Economics


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13. Imperial College London

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14.ย Universityย College London


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15. University of Exeter

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16. University of Sheffield

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17. University of York

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18. Loughborough University

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19. University of Newcastle

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20. King’s College London

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21. University of Southampton

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22. Cardiff University

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23. University of Glasgow

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24. University of Leicester

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25. University of Liverpool


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You can view the full report here.

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