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20 Things You’ll Really Miss About The University of Sheffield When You Leave

After a great few years at Sheffield, your time is almost up. You’re going to miss a lot of things. 😢

1. Making the most of the sun in Weston Park.

I live for this weather ☀️ #sheffield #sun

A photo posted by Jonathan Bowmer (@jonny95_) on

2. And Endcliffe in the winter.

3. The nights out: Pop Tarts… 

4. Tuesday Club…

Lights on raving #ttcsheffield

A photo posted by Tuesday Club Sheffield (@tuesday_club) on

5. And spontaneous Corp Wednesdays.

6. The Union food.

New Leaf, Bar One, Interval, Grill and Go, the list is endless.

Sweet potato and beans vegetarian enchilada 😍

A photo posted by Reesha Siniara (@reesha_siniara) on

7. The architecture. 

8. Which is seriously cool.

9. Going to Coffee Revs for a boost.

Been swanning about at work #bantz #latteart #mocha #latte #coffee #coffeeart #coffeerevolution #swan #rosetta #heart

A photo posted by Adam Millar (@thatguymillar) on

10. And to Notty House for one of these.


All the pie @hannar94 🍽 #hangovercure

A photo posted by Katie Louise Badger (@katiebadgerx) on

11. Scenes like this.

12. Seeing these guys in the Botanics.

Charming Squirrel!

A photo posted by Anthony Jauneaud (@iamleyeti) on

13. You might even miss the IC.

Inside the IC #sheffunilife #sheffield

A photo posted by Tom Oulton (@sirtomoulton) on

14. Okay, maybe you won’t miss the desk reserving.

via Yik Yak

via Yik Yak

15. But you’ll definitely miss having this view while you study.

16. Varsity.

17. And the rivalry that comes with it.

18. To be honest, there isn’t much you won’t miss.

19. Thanks for everything, Sheffield. 

#Sheffield #university #student #building #sky #studentsunion

A photo posted by Andrew (@snazzybeanie) on

20. We’ll miss you.

Firth Court is being covered in ivy. 🌿 #shefunilife (Photo by @es_kwon)

A photo posted by The University of Sheffield (@theuniversityofsheffield) on


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