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19 Things You’ll Really Miss About Royal Holloway When You Leave

When your time at RHUL is coming to an end, you can’t help but look back on all the things you’re going to miss.

1. The fact that you study at one of the most beautiful universities in the world.


2. And the shocked look on people’s faces when you tell them you’ve lived and partied in the most flammable building in Britain.



3. The confidence that, whenever you walk out your front door, you will see at least 12 people you know.



4. The pure silence in Founders Library.

Where you can’t even unzip your bag without fear of disturbing everyone.

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5. This place.

Monday nights will never be the same.

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6. And the SU themed nights.

Absolute Filth 🙈



7. The fact no one seems to know how to put a tray in the holder in the cafeteria. 

Every ten minutes there’s a CRASH followed by embarrassed faces.



8. Constantly being around so much fine art.

我校的bigger high

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9. Imagine.

For when you need a break from alcohol.

'Hippy' caffè here on campus 🌸🌺🌼 #flowerpower #60style

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10. The myths that spread around the uni.

Like the ghost of Thomas Holloway or the cursed polar bear painting.

11. And although you won’t miss the over-sensitive fire alarms, you will miss the early morning congregations with your friends.

12. Knowing that you definitely go to the greenest University of London.


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13. The SU Markets.

14. Living somewhere with such a huge LGBT scene.

15. And all the other close-knit societies. 



16. The Summer Ball. 

Staying out until the sun comes up and getting a breakfast for your effort.

summer ball🎉

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17. When it’s sunny and everyone sits outside.

That's how we enjoy the sun!!! #rhul #royalhollowayuniversity #egham

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18. Cheers, Royal Holloway.

And with that second year is over 💃🏽🍾

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19. We’ll really miss you. 

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