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10 Problems You’ll Recognise If You’re The Only Girl In Your Friendship Group

Being “one of the lads” is great. Most of the time.

1. They’re brutally honest about your appearance.

School of Rock

2. Looking after drunk boy-vom is absolutely horrendous.

Bojack throwing up

3. The minute one of them is in a relationship, you’re the friend to watch.

Stay away from my man

4. It never crosses their mind to match you up with any of their friends.

Dejected baby

5. They just don’t get mood swings and won’t listen to any explanations.

6. You have to put up with their terrible chat.

7. Even with all of your behind-the-scenes male access, you’re still pretty clueless when it comes to guys.

Mean Girls

8. Even the tiniest crush on one of them can be dangerous.

Cher and Josh

9. If you choose to live with them or share a room on holiday, you will regret it.

Girl gagging

10. You’re left out of their *hilarious* men-only private jokes.

Inside jokes

Cheers guys.

Emma Watson nodding

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