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12 Struggles You’ll Recognise If You Live In a London Suburb

Living in London is great. Living in the ‘burbs? Not so much.

1. Walking around your neighbourhood is like living in an episode of This is Your Life.

There’s a whole lotta embarrassing memories floating just around the corner.

Inbetweeners thumbs up


2. Your trek in and out of central London slowly but surely eats into your bank account.



3. The central LDN prices are painful compared to bargains found in your endz.

£1.50 for a chocolate bar?

You gotta be kidding


4. You have to accept anywhere central will be at least a 45 minute tube-ride away.



5. No central Londoner will know your area exists or ever visit you.

It’s a mythical land far, far away, and it goes by the name of Debden…

Toy Story


6. You have to deal with “so you don’t actually live in London?” all day errday.

Well I don’t know, random Londoner: Does it count as London if I have a tube station within walking distance? Does it count as London if black cabs drive along the streets? Does it count as London if my postcode is HA4? Oh… it doesn’t? Right.



7. You feel pretty out of the loop when it comes to ‘hidden treasures’ of London.

I don’t know much about Shoreditch, but… I… erm… know about this super trendy cafe in Amersham?


Source tuftscareercenter.blogspot,com

8. If you don’t have a plan B to the tube, it’s a race against time to get that last train.



9. Working out your last train home, using your three tube lines, is a mathematical nightmare to solve.

It’s an Underground domino effect, with painful consequences.

Source reaction

10. Once last trains have passed, getting home from a night out is a mission.

Arrested Development


11. You have to get over the shame of asking anyone and everyone for their sofa.

Hey I’ve just met you, and this is crazy, I Iive in zone 8, PLEASE LET ME SLEEP ON YOUR FLOOR.



12. But the hardest struggle is knowing that the upcoming night tubes aren’t even going to reach your station.

So close, and yet so far away.



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