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5 Reasons Why Joining a Less Serious Sports Team Is The Best Thing To Do at University

When you first arrive at university it can be incredibly daunting, especially in the first few days.

You’ve moved away from home, left your friends behind and need to navigate a completely new place that you now have to call home.

Like many, if not most, students, I commenced this time with a list of goals that would help me to achieve the university experience I wanted. One of these goals was to join a sports society or team.

With an overwhelming number of them to choose from though, I found this decision a hard one to make. Some seemed more serious than others, and it was difficult to know which type of sports team would, in the end, be most beneficial for me.

In light of this, I want to help any students out there who, like I did, are wanting to join a sports team but aren’t sure whether to go for the serious or less serious option.

Here are just 5 of the reasons why, for me at least, joining a less serious sports team was by far the best decision.

1. Even if you lose a game, you celebrate.

As a part of a less serious team, your expectations tend to be lower, and therefore, every small achievement will be celebrated. Even if you have lost 22-3, there will be things that you will celebrate. May that be that you improved your defence from the last game, or that your goalie made some amazing saves, the whole team will get behind it.

2. The socials are the best.

Less serious sports teams know how to have fun. Socials every week after a game, usually starting on the bus home and in fancy dress. Once a year they go on tour, which is just like one big social with different universities. Not only are their nights out incredible fun, and will leave you with stories to tell long after university is over, but they also organise events such as meals out, pizza and film nights, and everyone’s birthday turns into a social.

Social for an Irish member’s birthday party (Aber Lax)

3. You meet the best people.

It may be a less serious sports team, but you make serious friends. As in, some of the best friends you will ever meet. You go through it all together, including losing matches, but it brings you all closer. These people have your back and will do for the rest of your life.

4. You may not need need to try out.

Most people who are very sporty want to join the more serious teams. They are normally more competitive, leaving the less serious ones with a plethora of opportunities for you to join. This means that if you want to play, you will be able to and you probably can just rock up and they’ll tell you when training/their first match is. If you do need to try out, it is still worth going. Once you decide that you want to stay, there will be plenty of opportunities to play matches.

Old Boys (OA) lax game, (Aber Lax 2015)

5. Less serious, less stress.

Due to the nature of such teams, you are not required to attend early morning training sessions seven days a week. Nor are you in a position that you have to train twice a day, or be punished for not attending training or socials. Obviously, it is a good idea to go to training if you want to play a game, but if you are stressed with deadlines or other commitments, you can fit it around you, and not the coach. Ultimately, being part of the team should never be a chore, but something you enjoy.

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