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Here’s Everything You Need To Do While You’re a Student In Aberystwyth

Whether you’re a fresher or a final year, make sure you do all of these things before leaving Aber.

1. Climb Constitution Hill.

Also known as Consti, the hill offers impressive views of Cardigan Bay. At the top there is a small café, an observatory, and a frisbee golf course. If you don’t fancy the walk you can take the train. The views are just as gorgeous at night, especially at sunset, and you get a brilliant view on bonfire night!

2. Or Pen Dinas.

Visible from Consti, Pen Dinas is located slightly further away, but it’s well worth the walk and slightly longer climb. It’s windier than Consti, but with equally stunning views. If you’re feeling brave you should complete the Twin Peaks race, in which you run up and down both peaks, and return to Consti!

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3. Go to all of the 50+ pubs in Aber.

It has been rumoured that Aber boasts the most pubs per square mile in the UK, with over 50 drinking establishments. Try to go to all of them and taste their speciality drinks.

Recepção 🍻

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4. Take part in the Hulk Challenge.

Can you eat a 30 oz beef burger with bacon, chips and cheese, in addition to an ice-cream sundae? And can you eat it all in under an hour? If you can, you’ll get your name on the board of winners and a goodie bag or T-shirt. Head to Lord Beechings if you wish to participate. Good luck!

5. Take part in SuperTeams.

Once a year, near Easter, every sports team in Aber puts in an application of around ten people to be a part of the biggest inter-sport competition of the year. Want to know who is really the best? Compete in a variety of sports including running, gym tests, swimming, kayaking, a mystery event, and one yearly changeable event to find out. Top this off with a messy after party.

photo provided || Sarah Thornhill

6. Dance the night away in Pier Pressure or Yokos.

In addition to the many drinking establishments, Aber also has two lively clubs. There is a strong debate over which is better, many preferring Yokos. Both are brilliant places to go to get some cheap drinks in and have a good dance with your friends.

7. Have a bonfire/BBQ on the beach.

Living by the sea has its advantages. Being able to relax for an evening with some friends, with a bonfire and some food is pretty cool.

photo provided || Sarah Thornhill

8. Or take your revision there.

Good luck actually being able to revise without being tempted to sunbathe and eat ice-cream. But still, if you can do it, do so.

Only took 3 photos all weekend! It was as beautiful and magical as always.

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9. Kick the bar.

An old tradition originating back in the early days of Aberystwyth Uni, when Alexandra Halls was female-only. Supposedly, the men used to walk along the promenade and kick the bar to impress the ladies.

10. Walk to Borth.

Only a short 10km walk away, and easily accessible from the footpath near Constitutional Hill, Borth is the perfect place to go on a sunny day with a picnic. The best thing about it? You can always get the train back.

11. Or take a day trip to Borth Zoo.

Only a short train ride away, Borth Zoo is a fantastic day out. You even get to hold the pythons and boa constrictors!


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12. Watch a performance at the Arts Centre.

The Arts Centre hosts a wide variety of performances from comedy, to theatre, to classical music. They also have a cinema which features foreign and arty films as well as major blockbusters. I attended many performances there and was always amazed at the high standard, including, Jimmy Carr (who I met), the Welsh National Orchestra featuring Callum Sharp (who I also met), and a special screening of Kingsman attended by Tarron Eagerton himself (who I also met, not that I’m bragging or anything).

photo provided || Sarah Thornhill

13. Walk up Penglais/Cardiac hill.

Yes, they are both rather steep, but don’t be one of those who takes the bus. Penglais seems to be never-ending and Cardiac is practically at a right-angle, but it’s part of the whole experience. Can you really say that you went to Aber if you didn’t walk up the hill?

14. Go to the cinema.

In true Aber-bubble style, the cinema only releases a few films every few weeks, and it is usually only the most popular ones. In addition to this, they come out slightly later than they do elsewhere. However, the cinema in Aber is a genuinely thrilling experience. Especially because everyone is hyped for the film that they have heard so much about and the first few days are generally jam-packed so get your tickets early!

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15. Sit and watch one of Aber’s spectacular sunsets.

Aber offers unparalleled sunsets on a nightly basis. Make sure you catch at least one of them.

The sunset is beautiful in Aberystwyth😍😍

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16. Listen to Bay Radio, or even better, get involved!

Take the opportunity to host your very own radio show with a couple of friends! Or, y’know, just listen. Listening’s good too.

photo provided || Sarah Thornhill

17. Study in the National Library.

Take advantage of having the National Library on your doorstep. Study or write essays in the perfect tranquillity and soak in the gorgeous architecture. It makes a nice change to Hugh Owen and you will probably get more work done.

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18. Treat yourself in one of Aber’s local cafés.

There are many cafés, all selling delicious, home-baked cakes and fresh coffee. What better reason to take some time out of your studies than to help support local businesses?

19. Swim in the sea.

It is cold, but it’s also The Best fun! If the local triathlon team can train in the sea weekly, then you can swim in it just the once.

Beautiful morning ☀️

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20. Take a trip to Aberdovey.

Another beautiful part of the coast, just slightly further along. Walk along the beach towards Towyn, carpeted in white sand, and gaze into the far distance where you can faintly see Borth.

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21. And finally, enjoy your time there.

Whatever you get up to, don’t take your time in Aber for granted.

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