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Why I’ll Never Regret Studying at The University of York

York Uni is the best in the world.

I’m Scott, a graduate from the University of York. I studied History for three years and then went on to represent students as YUSU’s Community and Well-Being Officer. Over time, I’ve really fallen in love with UoY, and I’ll never regret studying here.

1. We have lecturers and tutors who really care about you succeeding. 

Sometimes they were a shoulder to cry on mid-dissertation, or a challenging ally on an essay. But some end up being incredible people who want to see you do your best. Getting some amazing goodbyes from staff in my department was a really positive buzz at the end of my degree.

2. College life is awesome and unique to UoY. 

I don’t really think any other uni does a Freshers’ Week like York – those messy but incredible nights where you make best friends with other students across the world from a single conversation. You meet your STYCs for the first time, people who care so much and will go above and beyond what they need to do to look out for you. College life brings everyone together and before the first week is over you have already met hundreds of people.

Drop-goal, full-time, pitch-invasion, 8-9! York win the rugby with the last kick of the game to end #roses2016

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3. Even late night study sessions in the library can be pretty great. 

Everyone, at some point in their time at York, writes at least one paper only 12 hours before the deadline. Those nights are super stressful. But there’s also the packets of sweets and cans of Coke you’ll get through while taking ‘well deserved breaks’ every 10 minutes to chat to someone who is also suffering. Things like that made those nights pretty rewarding when you look back.

4. Campus is always busy. 

I always remember running around campus in the evenings and there just being so much going on. Whether it was play rehearsals, Haz Soc matches, medieval re-enactments or Comedy Soc events. The whole campus was active 24/7, and that made it an incredibly exciting place to be a part of.

Students are painting boards designed by @swatercolour right now at Greg's Place for York Refugee Week!

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5. And students care about each other. 

I probably noticed this especially because of my role in YUSU, but even before then I always loved how passionate York students are about looking out for one another. So many people I’ve met in Nightline, Nightsafe or the Tea & Coffee club show that York students watch out for one another and the community around them and that is ridiculously special.

6. Everyone knows everyone. 

Maybe this could be seen as a negative, but it’s pretty much the reason why I picked the University of York over a big city uni. You’re involved in your department, college, societies and club nights over the course of three years. By the end, it feels like you literally meet over half of the 18,000 students studying here.

7. And there are so many things to do. 

Whether you choose to join a society, run your college, be a course rep or join a sports team – there is too much to do. I joined dozens of societies, a couple of sports teams and worked at the Courtyard in my first year. I didn’t stick to all of it in the end, but each experience was unique and helped me find new interests and passions.

8. We get to graduate on campus. 

Instead of the Minster, we get Central Hall. It’s usually way too hot to deal with and is surrounded by an asbestos-ridden campus, with its ’60s buildings that look atrocious and, of course, you’re always at risk of having your graduation pictures photobombed by a goose. But I would not have it any other way. It’s what makes York perfect all in one moment.

9. And the friends you make are friends for life. 

I’m lucky to have spent all four years of my time at York with the friends I made in my first term. It’s been a roller coaster living with the same people for that long. Sometimes you fall out, but other times you couldn’t get by without them. In the end you know you’ve got memories that will last you a lifetime.

10. York is one of the best cities to live in. 
In the world. Ever. Each trip to the city centre comes with the possibility of finding a new independent shop, an awesome pub or a hidden gem to explore like small museums and churches. From food festivals to amazing gigs, York it has it all. It’s just an undeniably beautiful city.

11. And watching the sunrise at the top of Clifford’s Tower is an experience I will never forget. 
It’s basically a UoY rite of passage. One time I was with my housemates – we went for fun and were way too drunk. Another time, I went to get away from the world for an hour with the other Sabb Officers to end our year together at York. Even if the police and locals don’t love you for it, there’s just something amazing about being up there.

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