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12 European Countries Where You Can Go To University For Free

With the news earlier this year that UCAS will be introducing European universities to the application process, making it easier to travel overseas, these countries that charge little to no tuition are looking very appealing right now. 

Perhaps it’s time to consider getting your degree from outside the UK – or if you’re too late for that, perhaps a Master’s…



1. Germany.

Germany recently made the decision to remove tuition fees at all public universities. This applies to everyone, regardless of nationality. All you have to pay is an admin fee of €150-250.

2. France.

Technically you do have to pay tuition at public universities in France, but they’re only around €180 per year. That’s almost free when you compare it to £9,000 back home.

3. Norway.

Free – but there’s a catch. You have to speak a certain level of Norwegian to qualify for courses taught in that language. However, if you’re after a Master’s Degree or PhD, the majority are taught in English and are still free of charge. Just bear in mind that an average pint in Norway is £7.

4. Denmark.

Universitiy education is free in Denmark if you’re from the EU.

5. Sweden.

Same story in Sweden, if you’re from within the EU you can study for free.

6. Austria.

As an EU student you can undergo a degree in Austria for free – for the first year. After that you have to pay approximately €360 per semester – so a standard three year course will cost you around €2,000 if you don’t drop out after year one.

7. Czech Republic.

You can study at university for free in the Czech Republic – if you learn in Czech and prove you can speak Czech. Courses in English charge tuition, so there’s a bit of a catch with this one.

8. Greece.

EU students can study for free and you’ll also get your textbooks for free too! Or at least that was the case at the start of the last academic year…

9. Hungary.

Every year the government pays for a certain number of “state-funded” students. You can qualify for this if you’re from the EU.

10. Iceland.

At public universities there are no tuition fees. But you have to pay a registration fee which ranges from €100-€250 per semester.

11. Luxembourg.

Certain courses do charge tuition fees, but the majority are free. But they too have that pesky €100 registration fee per semester.

12. Slovenia.

Full-time students from the EU don’t have to pay tuition fees, just a registration fee of €30 per year. So cheap!




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