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12 Signs You’re Nowhere Near Ready To Leave University

The academic year is coming to an end, and for final years that means the end of student life. It’s a huge transition – are you ready? 

Probably not. And we don’t blame you…


1. You love drinking on weekdays.

Something that won’t be as easy once you enter the real world. Your drinking will be limited to weekends and that’s something you simply refuse to accept.

2. You’ve become accustomed to freedom.

You dictate your own life – nobody can get in your way. And you’ve all the free time to do whatever the hell you want. Life is bliss, and they’ll have to take you kicking and screaming come graduation.

3. You don’t go anywhere without your student card.

If 10% here and 20% there is part of your daily life, you’re in for a financial shock.

4. You’re not as good in the kitchen as you say you are.

Your parents were all, “you need to learn to cook for yourself!” and you were all, “I have! Get off my back!” Except you didn’t learn, you’ve been eating pizza and pasta for three years. If you return without culinary skills your parents will win – don’t let that happen.


5. Your sleeping pattern is no better now than it was three years ago.

If you heard an alarm clock right now you’d probably have a heart attack.

6. You made a bucket list but have yet to start it.

It came around so fast, you were taken by surprise. Linger so you can complete it.

7. You’ve been out of work for years.

And although it’s been absolutely fantastic, it won’t look that way on your CV…

8. You’ve started cherishing every aspect of uni in case it’s the last time you ever do something.

“Do you realise this could be the last time we drink Sambuca in this pub?” *cries*

9. It even extends to handing in essays and sitting exams. 

Handing in essays was once a moment of relief, now you tremble and hesitate to drop them into the bin.



10. Your hatred for freshers has grown worryingly fierce.

Friends are having to hold you back as you turn into a green-eyed monster.

11. You still couldn’t confidently explain what your degree is about.

Your life skillz have gone through the roof – but do you feel smarter? Definitely not ready to leave.

12. The thought of being a graduate generally terrifies you and you’re doing everything you can to cling to your last student days.

All good things must come to an end (sorry to remind you).


Result: You’re definitely not ready to leave.


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