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12 Things Students Take For Granted

As you’ll have heard, university is potentially one of the greatest times of your life; but not for all the obvious reasons. The little things count for a lot, and are often taken for granted. 

The minor perks of student life deliver the biggest blow when collectively taken from you. These hidden gems only make themselves known once you’ve tossed your graduation cap into the air and you realise they’ll be forever out of your reach.



 1. Sleeping in.

Even at the weekends, it’s hard for the working graduate to enjoy a few extra hours in bed – either because their bodies have adjusted to the pre-sunset hours, or because they have to cram 5 days’ worth of plans into 48 measly hours.


2. Late nights.

Similarly to the last point, a graduate’s busy schedule prevents you from staying awake past nightfall. Previously prime TV, drinking, and socialising time, the hours beyond midnight are becoming hard to recall.


3. The proximity of friends.

Not meeting your friends tonight because you can’t be bothered going to the house next door? You’ll regret that when it takes a 5-hour train ride to see them.


4. Cheap rent.

You may not think your rent is cheap, but just you wait. Oh boy.


5. Your flatmates.

So you had an argument about who was responsible for leaving leftover spaghetti under the sofa for 4 weeks; you’ll miss those messy fellow students when you have to settle for living with a strange 34-year-old with a loose sense of privacy because it was the only place that didn’t cost a limb.


6. Unhealthy food.

Not only acceptable, but required. However, as a graduate, you’ll be continually punished by the do-gooders around you with salads and wholefoods.


7. Entertainment.

Video games, TV, music, films – as a student you were on top of all the latest entertainment. The engrossed schedule of post-graduate life mercilessly forces you to choose one, and only one.


8. Societies.

Only as a student will you get the chance to canoe, go rock climbing, learn to frisbee on a competitive level, and become a semi-pro fencer – all in the space of one semester. Not to mention how much it would cost to participate in so many activities as a regular member of society.


9. Pub quizzes.

Or just regular pub visits in general. Weekday nights are for catching up on work or sleep – usually the latter. And the weekends are no time for a quiet pint. Which brings us to our next point…


10. Lazy weekends.

Resting is something students take for granted. If you want a lazy weekend in front of the TV you have to schedule your calendar 4 months in advance.


11. Making friends.

After school and college, university is the last place you’ll be surrounded by masses like you – or at least the same age as you. The friend-making potential is huge.

Once you enter working life – especially if you move to a new town or city – it becomes increasingly hard to meet new and cool people.


12. Not paying taxes.

You dodged them for 22 years, now they’re finally starting to bite.


Make the most of it!

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