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13 Reasons Why Working In Summer Is The Absolute Worst

The sun came out and it was great, but now we all have to go back to our jobs…

Can we just accept that it’s impossible to work in the heat?

1. The sun always wakes you up before your alarm.

And your day is ruined right from the start.

2. You feel like an idiot in your work clothes.

3. On your way to the office you pass shorts, skirts, flip flops and sunglasses..

4. And you internally shout “WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A JOB?” at all the people wearing them.

5. By the time you get to work you’re ready to go home.

6. The heating will probably be on in your office and the air-con will definitely be broken.

7. It’s necessary to dance with the fan at least twice per hour just to keep cool.

8. Every day you go out for lunch you have to convince yourself that you do in fact need to return to work.

Flickr / The Daily Touch

Flickr / The Daily Touch

9. And you’ll probably pass a beer garden on your way back.

10. The office is sweaty and moist.

11. And you won’t be able to concentrate because all you can think of is how much you want to do this.

12. When you finally leave for the day you’re too tired to enjoy the weather.

13. But even if you wanted to, everyone else has the same idea and there’s zero chance of you finding a seat in the sun.

So basically, it’s the WORST. 

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