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13 Ways To Spot a Graduate at Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ Week is a great time for uni students to celebrate the start of a new academic year and go a bit mental before all the hard work starts. But it’s also a time when graduates look to reclaim their youth. Luckily, it’s easy to spot them.

1. They didn’t get IDd on their way in.

2. They’re stood in the corner or sat in a booth looking disgruntled.

3. If you go near them you’ll hear them say things like, “everyone looks so young” and “it’s all different now”.

4. They’re probably trying and failing to pull you.

5. If you ask what year they’re in they start sweating nervously.

6. They’re probably the only ones not drinking the paint stripper that’s on offer.



7. They stay in packs. Safety in numbers.

8. You can often find them walking around like this.

9. And doing this.

10. Because everything is making them feel out of place.

11. So they drink more.

12. Which doesn’t end well for them.

Everyone knows graduates are lightweights.

13. So they end up having to leave hours before the night is over.

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