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14 Reasons To Stay At Home Instead of Going To The Library

Don’t feel guilty about not going to the library to study today – use any one of these 14 reasons and enjoy another day in the hard life of a student. 

We’re here for you.


1. There are no clean spoons

Or bowls, or glasses, or plates. You can’t eat, and couldn’t possibly study on an empty stomach.


2. It’s too windy

Just take a look outside – now return to your bed.

3. Your exits are blocked

There are so many obstacles – why is everything so hard? You wish someone would clean up / remove that drunk guy from your hallway.

4. All of your clothes are dirty

Some misguided students don’t let this stop them. Don’t be one of them.

5. You went once last semester

It was traumatic.

6. It’s too far

However, your fridge is right there. Go to it and snack, and forget about this whole library idea.


7. You’re in no state to be in public

If you owned a mirror you could confirm this, but you know it’s true regardless. Do everyone else a favour and stay on the couch.


8. You have to defrost the freezer

Which means eating all the food.

9. The landlord might make a surprise visit

What? They might. You’ll need to be there if it happens.


10. You’ve only seen today’s Jeremy Kyle twice before

It’s practically brand new – don’t miss it.


11. You’re hungover


12. It’s too distracting

Think about how many people will be there. Too many voices and familiar faces to stop you from studying. Your room is much less crowded – stay there.

13. It’s too late now anyway

All this deliberating and the day is essentially over. You’d have to leave by the time you got there.


14. You can go tomorrow

Or the day after that…

Students 14 – 0 Library

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Want to write an article like this?

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