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14 Unfair Realities of Being The First of Your Siblings To Go To University

You may think being the first to go to uni is a good thing, but it won’t take long for the reality to set in. You’re basically the practice run who the rest learn from.

1. You were the test subject for everything. You didn’t know which universities to apply for or how.

2. And you were clueless with how much stuff you should take.

3. As a result you left a lot of crucial things behind, and took a lot of useless things you never needed.

4. Your parents had never experienced child separation before, which means you got all the worry.

Which was particularly embarrassing.

5. And all the expectation.

6. The phone calls and texts from mum and dad were endless.

7. You were the first to navigate Student Finance and the stress and confusion was too much.

8. Your younger siblings would ask to visit you at uni which was a bit cringe.

Especially if you ended up playing intrusive drinking games.

9. And when it came to them starting university they wanted help with literally everything.

As if you had a clue.

10. They asked to read your personal statement which was not happening.

The world does not need to see that again.

11. You wondered why they couldn’t just do it themselves like you did.

12. But when they moved to uni for the first time the jealousy was real.

13. Particularly if you’d graduated and got a job by that point.

Why is life so unfair?

14. And to make it all worse, equipped with your hindsight, they end up doing better than you.

They have a lot to thank you for.

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