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15 People You Hate Playing Drinking Games With

What are pre-drinks without a few games? They bring people together and get everyone in the mood to go out.

But some people are just determined to ruin it for everyone. 

1. The one who adds something thick and/or milky to the dirty pint.



2. Anyone who uses Never Have I Ever as an excuse to brag about their sex life.

3. Everyone who thinks a sip is the equivalent of two fingers.

4. People who are more than happy to get others drunk, but refuse to get drunk themselves.

5. The person who is just too good at everything.

6. Anyone with lightning fast reactions.

Their hand is up before you even pull out the 7.

7. Or an obscure knowledge that they use to their advantage in ‘category’ rounds.

“I have no idea what that is so I guess I’ll just drink.”

8. The person who says “I’ll just watch and DJ”

9. The one who spills everything everywhere.

10. People who are unrealistically lucky when playing Ride The Bus.

You went through 5 bottles of beer and they cruise through without a single finger.



11. The rule guy.


12. Anyone who suggests games like Truth or Dare just because they want something to gossip about the next morning.



13. The person who thinks videoing you downing a drink is anything but UNACCEPTABLE.

Upload it to facebook and you’re banned for life.

14. These guys.

“I’m not putting this in mix!” like it cost them more than £3.50.

15. And anyone who doesn’t make it out afterwards.

Go home. And buy me some new cards.

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