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15 Signs You’re Just Not Cut Out For Exams

Exams are hard for everyone – at least that’s what we like to think.

But for some they’re literally impossible. Send your sympathies, please, for we’re just not cut out for the exam room. 

1. You don’t actually learn anything when revising, it’s just a game of memory.

2. You cram because you think that’s what you’re supposed to do. It’s a sweaty time of panic, fear and migraines.

3. When people say things to you like, “plan your answers” and “take 15 minutes to read over your work” you pull this face.

4. You walk in with expectations (hopes) of this happening:

5. But this is actually what happens:

7. The only real thing you’re able to concentrate on is the ticking of the clock.

6. Sometimes you have to actually ask for a pen.

7. “Show your method/working out” fills you with inexplicable rage.

How about no.

8. The only time you ever leave early is when you just can’t cope any more.

9. You always picture this scene from Mean Girls and wish you could visualise your notes the same way

10. You spend more time worrying about whether you actually turned your phone off than answering questions

11. Noticing that it’s 10:01am means that you can’t possibly start revising until 10.30. Structure is important.

12. Simple words no longer make sense.

13. Deciding that calculating what grade you need to get a 2:1 is more important than actually working to get a 2:1

14. And you welcome any distraction from revision – a call from your mum, doing the tea run, cleaning the mould off your walls…

Hey, exams just aren’t for everyone.

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