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16 Inner Kermit Memes Every University Student Will Relate To

Every uni student has an inner Kermit.

1. When this became your mantra.

2. When you want to rant about your housemates but don’t want to do it to their faces.

3. Every morning.

4. When you have a “quiet one”.

5. When you come home drunk and look at your housemate’s food.

6. When uni life means nothing disgusts you any more.

7. On student loan day.

8. When you actually try to sleep early for a change.

9. When you say no to buying uni books but then see vodka on sale in Tesco.

10. Every time you try to eat better.

11. When you work out what you need to still get a first overall.

12. When you just have to start on the hour.

13. Every time “just one more episode” wins the argument.

14. When you completely forget about your home friends.

15. When you barely have any contact hours anyway but still don’t go in.

16. And literally every time you think about how much you have to do.

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