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16 Realities of Being a Uni Graduate That Make You Both Laugh And Cry

Just laugh through the pain.

1. You left uni and returned back home with some new, miscellaneous skills.

2. You thought you were prepared but lol. 

3. Which = unemployment.

4. And creative new ways to say “no occupation”.

5. You had a lot of sleep to catch up on.

6. And just wanted to get away from everyone and everything for a bit.

7. But couldn’t because money/life. 

8. You wanted to better yourself…

9. But your main uni skill of doing nothing is still going strong.

10. You just want a Get Rich Quick idea.

11. Because the requirements for legit jobs are too high.

12. The word ‘future’ is rarely used positively. 

13. You consider just doing a Master’s.

14. Because you’re struggling to think of a viable career.

15. Like, really struggling. 

16. But the worst part is how, at 18, you were convinced you’d be a proper, employable human by the time you graduated.

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