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16 Realities of Being a University Student You’re Probably Not Proud of

University isn’t all books and qualifications. There’s also a lot of stuff you don’t want other people to know about.

1. If it weren’t for ~responsibilities~ you could sleep literally all day.

2. You’re independent. But that doesn’t mean anyone acts like an adult. 

3. You literally never start an essay early. Then when you finally do it looks a lot like this. 



4. Being a student is about knowing exactly what you should be doing. But never doing it.

5. And uni doesn’t actually make you feel much smarter. 

6. Except you do have a great ability to beat the system and save money.

7. Because there is never any money. Ever. 

8. There’s no such thing as a clean kitchen.

9. This is how you spend most of your life.

10. You rarely ever have any shame.

11. You’ve considered dropping out more times than you’re willing to admit.

12. Half the shit you read makes no sense to you whatsoever.

13. You do miss home. But only because food.

The Daily Touch

The Daily Touch

14. You never really feel prepared for anything.

15. Least of all graduation. 

16. And if your parents could see you at any given point, you’d probably look like this.

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