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16 Reasons Why 2nd Year of University Is The Worst Year of Your Life

The hangover of first year with the looming worry of third year. Second year truly is the worst.

1. You move out of halls and away from the close-knit campus community.


2. You end up far away from everyone and everything.

Chances are, in first year, you were only ever a couple of minutes – even seconds – from all your friends. If your flatmates weren’t up for anything you simply headed to the flat next door, or downstairs, or the building opposite; there was always someone nearby you could go to without a need to plan anything. But now you’ve moved into the surrounding urban sprawl and nothing is the same.

3. Due to the panic of renting a house for the first time, you probably ended up with something just short of inhabitable. 

The only downside to first year was the stress of securing second-year housing. Nobody knew what they were doing but absolutely everyone was told it was a competitive market. Get in early or lose out. Except everyone got in early, and seemingly everyone lost out.

4. You complained about the state of halls, but that’s a palace compared to where you are now.

Your furniture doesn’t match, you have mould issues and probably even some problem neighbours who hate you simply for being a student.

5. You also have to deal with bills and stuff. 



6. After the summer retainer fiasco, and the price of your rent, you’ve probably never been poorer.

You’re paying top dollar to live in squalor because that’s just the way it is. Your landlord is a rip off, you feel cheated and the student loan company are still being late (or outright wrong) with payments. Not to mention now having to factor in the cost of taxis on top of the usual night-out expenditure – and if you’re the type to lose your friends you’re looking at a costly and lonely ride home.

7. As a result you seem to do a lot less. 

Money and distance are the two factors that contribute to your growing boredom. The guys who lived downstairs are now a 20-minute bus ride away and neither party can be arsed to visit.

8. Your local is probably full of them. 

Goodbye £2 pints and a median age of 19; hello John Smiths and aggressive side-eye.

9. Everyday kind of feels like groundhog day. 



10. You ended first year on a high, and this year just isn’t living up to the hype.

Taken out of context, you’d probably be having a great time. But you can’t stop comparing it to first year and it doesn’t stand a chance. The disappointment is palpable.

11. You thought freshers flu was bad, until you experienced the sub-zero temperatures of student housing.

What. Is. The. Deal. With. This.

12. Either the work gets a lot harder, or the marking is a lot stricter.

You kind of breezed through first year, somehow going mental every night yet never seeing your grades suffer. It lulled you into a false sense of security. You didn’t think you needed to up your game or change your studying habits because they worked just fine last year, but the rules have changed.

13. As a result, you’ll probably get your first 2:2.


14. And everything you write is now burdened with the reality that it now “counts”.

Every time you get a low grade you have to make up for it with the next thing you submit, or risk going into final year and being written off by your lecturers. Unlike first year, where every slip up was brushed off because “it doesn’t really count,” you’re now overly-concious of the fact that what you’re submitting is affecting your overall degree grade – which is actually making things worse.

15. You need time off more than ever, but can’t rest because you actually have to spend it studying.

First year you is shaking their head because all you want is to go home; you need some replenishment from mum & dad. It’s just a shame you have the worry of 3 essays and some required reading hanging over your head the whole time.

16. But the worst part: everyone else feels the same.

2nd year: It’s a collective ball of cb-fucking-a.

But at least it leaves you determined to have an amazing 3rd year. Which you do. 



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