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16 Things Every Student Has Said When Drunk

Ever regretted everything you did and said the morning after a night out? Yeah, thanks alcohol.

1. “I don’t need a coat”

The famous last words as you rush out after pre-drinks, determined not to pay for cloakroom.



2. “I should have brought a coat”

You say as you see the mile long queue to get in to the club.

3. “First year doesn’t count anyway”

You text to everyone you know in an attempt to convince them to come out. “You’re studying!? NO”



4. “I could run a better club than this”

Every student becomes an events management expert when drunk. Just don’t hold up the bar staff by telling them all your amazing ideas.



5. “Why won’t they play my song? I’m going to ask again”

The DJ tells you to stop asking for the same song, to which you reply, “that must’ve been someone else.”

6. “They should let me DJ”

Everyone nods in agreement as you claim your SU needs a night dedicated to Destiny’s Child.

7. “What’s your cheapest spirit and mixer?”

“Four of those”



8. “There are too many freshers in here”

Said every second, third, and fourth year ever.

9. “I need a new profile pic. Where’s the club photographer?”

Something you instantly regret the morning after.

10. “Why is Tinder full of losers?”

11. “I should text that guy/girl from a few weeks ago”

No. You definitely shouldn’t.

12. “I’m fine, I can walk home”

You’re not and you can’t.

13. “I’m still going to make it to my 9am tomorrow”

Except you never do.

14. “We should wake everyone up. FLAT PARTY”

“Who invited the warden?”

15. “I need a shower. I should shower”

At 3am. You have problems.

16. “I’m never drinking again”

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