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16 #UniAdvice Tweets You Might Actually Want To Listen To

Everyone thinks they have all the right answers when it comes to making the most of university.

But if you’re just about to head off to uni, or feel like you’ve royally messed up your last year and need to change your game, then the following pieces of advice are ones every would-be student could actually learn from.

1. First year counts for a lot more than people say.

2. Your home life is still there, and you’ll be needing those friends when you go back for holidays.

3. Always aim high, regardless of what you “need” to pass. 

4. Fire drills happen at the most inconvenient times.

5. Note everything. You’ll be needing it when it comes to revising.

6. Don’t delay going.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

8. Be smart about how often you contact your parents.

9. Never make false promises to yourself.

10. Just be real.

11. Don’t think you’re the only one who doesn’t understand. Literally everyone will be thinking the same and will thank you for asking the question.

12. It’s lecturers who mark your overall grade in final year. If they know who you are you have a better chance of doing well.

13. Stand your ground when it comes to the lunch/dinner/tea debate.

14. Everyone is desperately hungry. 

15. Library sessions with friends are fun, but much less productive. 

16. And most importantly, something practical that will actually save your academic life. 

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