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16 Unwritten Rules of Shared Bathrooms

Because some students need telling. 



1. The person whose lecture starts first gets shower priority.


2. If you’re waiting to use the bathroom you must make it clear to your housemates.

Quietly queueing in the safety of your room doesn’t count, and you should expect to be beaten to it.

3. Leaving hair of any kind is totally unacceptable.


4. The sink is not for vomiting or urinating – no matter how drunk you are.

5. All blockages must be promptly fixed by the perpetrator. 

Failure to do so permits all other housemates to issue heavy fines.

6. If you use the last roll, replace it.

7. Toothpaste is fair game, but other people’s expensive mouth wash is strictly out of bounds.

8. ASDA’s own brand toilet paper is not a suitable replacement for Andrex. 

9. One-off use of your housemate’s shower gel may be permitted under desperate circumstances, but must not become routine. 

10. If your bedroom is next to the bathroom, you will endure showers at any time without complaint.

11. All communal hand towels should be abandoned and destroyed.

12. If your bathroom has a window, use it. 

Smells and damp should not be allowed to fester.

13. If someone is singing in the shower you are free to turn off the switch/hot water. 

14. Always be prompt. The communal bathroom is not the place to loiter and take your time.

Chances are there’s someone in a uncomfortable situation waiting for you to finish.

15. Being hungover does not give you special bathroom privileges. That’s what bins are for. 

16. And most importantly, all sex acts are fundamentally banned from the communal shower. 



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Want to write an article like this?

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