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17 Images That Will Remind You of Yourself This Exam Season

University is a completely difference place during exams. 

1. Exam season is tough. Especially at the end of the year.

2. People ask you how you’re doing and you struggle to articulate your despair. 

3. You wish you could go back to Freshers’ Week when everything was fine.

4. And so you could actually listen and learn instead of trying to cram it all in now. 

5. Because cramming literally never works. 

6. Exam season takes its toll on your appearance. 

7. But by this point you really dgaf. 

8. People underestimate the power of “the fear”. 

9. But using panic as a motivator to revise has its consequences. 

10. And sleep levels hit an all time low. 

11. You have to find creative ways to get work done.



12. And eventually you start to admit you’re a little bit screwed. 

13. But at least you’re not alone.

14. No matter how ready you think you are, reading the first question on the exam makes you fear the worst.

15. You might even look for sympathy from the invigilator. 

16. There’s a visible difference in how people look after the exam is over.

17. And all you can do is wait for the results and hope the person marking it will be kind. 

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