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17 Really Important Things You Actually Learnt In Your First Year of University

Who knew first year of university would be so insightful. 🤔🤔🤔

1. That no matter how smart you thought you were, it wasn’t enough.

2. But that’s okay because…

3. It taught you these two truths.

4. How to avoid flyers and being stopped on your way to campus.

5. That cheese is expensive AF.

6. You’re not as independent as you hoped you would be.

7. And what happens when you try to be.

8. But it did teach you how to get shit done in a hurry.

Essays and getting ready. Always last minute.

9. First year has shown you the worst of people.

10. And that no one ever really leaves school.

11. It’s taught you what your true skills are.

12. And that sleeping is most definitely one of them.

13. Fresher year taught you to love (and hate) alcohol.

14. That good food is rare.

15. And that Daytime TV is everything.

16. Really, you’ve learnt a lot more than you thought you would.

17. Your parents will be proud.


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