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17 Tweets That Are Far Too Real When You Just Can’t Hit The Word Count

Reaching the word count on an essay can often feel like an impossible task. The struggle is far too real.

1. You automatically knock off 10% for every essay.

2. And start writing confident that you’ll be able to reach the word count. But then… 

3. You feel like there’s nothing you can do to extend it but repeat yourself.

4. A lot.

5. You stop shortening words.

6. And you no longer use numbers.

7. You’ll do anything to get in a few extra counts.

8. Even if you end up sounding like an idiot.

9. Because you no longer have any fucks to give.

10. You become almost poetic in your prolonged descriptions of things.

11. And clarify absolutely everything. Just in case.

12. When you’re desperate for words, you lose the ability to express your opinion without sounding like a child.

13. You literally can’t stop looking at the word count. As if it’s somehow magically increased.

14. Sometimes you celebrate too soon before realising you’ve included references and the title. Which don’t count. 

15. Eventually you might give in and just write a short story to your lecturer, explaining your despair.

Spoiler: this never works in your favour.

16. Or you might try this little trick. 

17. And when you eventually do cross the finish line, you struggle to be pleased with what you’ve produced.  


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