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18 Photos That Prove Manchester Does Christmas Better Than Any Other City

Christmas is well and truly here, and where better to spend it than Manchester? People on social media have been proving that, when it comes to the festive season, there really is no place like it.

1. Manchester has won awards for its Christmas Markets, and it’s not hard to see why.

2. There aren’t just stalls, every year huge pubs are built so you can hide from the elements while drinking your German beer.

3. And you’re never too far from a Bratwurst.

4. The markets are the biggest in the UK* and span the entire city.

*That’s right, Birmingham.

5. There are over 300 market stalls at 10 different sites.

You literally can’t escape Christmas.

6. Each site has more food than you could ever eat.

7. Including cheese. So much cheese.

8. After you’ve finished your festive schnitzel you can spend hours choosing which dessert to go for.

Fudge, strudel… In the end you choose it all.

Instagram / @s_dunne96

Instagram / @s_dunne96

9. Seriously. There’s almost too much food.

10. But at least there’s plenty to wash it all down with; whether you want beer, mulled wine or hot chocolate (with optional brandy).

You even get a mug which you can keep.

11. There are fairground rides at the markets, too.

12. And ice rinks.

13. Not to mention the iconic Santa Zippy who appears every year.

14. But if the markets are too crowded for you, you can go anywhere else in the city and find Christmas.

15. This year the Northern Quarter has a giant advent calendar on the side of an office building.

16. Bars and restaurants also have seasonal specials you can’t miss.

Like this Christmas Dinner grilled cheese.

17. And Solita’s Christmas Burger.


18. Basically, no one does Christmas like Manchester.


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