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18 Struggles All Third Years Will Encounter In 2016

Aside from the crushing realisation that 2016 is the year you become an adult, you’ll face a lot of problems in your final two semesters of university.

The end is coming 😭😭😭😭

1. The difficult task of trying to get your final two loan instalments to stretch from January to your first job after graduation. 

“Final two” – heartbreaking.



2. Hearing about people who’ve bound their dissertations before you’ve even started writing yours.


3. Working out just how much that exam in second year is ruining your chances of a 2:1.

In hindsight, perhaps you shouldn’t have gone out the night before…

4. Coming to terms with the fact that you are now that guy.

5. Holding back the urge to lose your shit every time you assess your workload.



6. Actually having to turn down nights out so you can stay in and study.

Possibly for the first time ever.

7. The fear that overcomes you when you discover a friend has secured an internship for after graduation.

8. And the terrifying realisation that all applications closed months ago.

9. Resisting deep feelings of hatred whenever a fresher dares to cross your path.

10. People will always be asking you things like, “how does it feel to be graduating this year?” and “what are your plans for after uni?”

To which you respond:

11. That awkward conversation every third year has with their tutor or dissertation supervisor about why things aren’t going to plan.

“Nice to finally meet you…”

12. The near impossible juggle of trying to make the most of your final months as a student, while retaining at least a 2:1 average.

“LET’S DO ALL THE THINGS … right after I read these 7 books that are due back tomorrow”

13. Realising just how much you failed at doing all the things you said you’d do before graduating. 

You didn’t even write a bucket list, never mind complete one.



14. The difficult task of hiding two years’ worth of damage from your landlord in time for inspection.

Mainly consisting of mystery stains and burnt kitchen worktops.

15. And then unsuccessfully trying to negotiate the full release of your deposit.

No, I am not above begging.

16. The futile attempt to pack up your room without sobbing uncontrollably to music that reminds you of first year.

You and me, Swifty.

17. The realisation that you will never get a summer holiday again.


18. And when it’s all over…

Stay strong.

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