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18 Things That Happened When You Pulled a Sickie In School

Pulling a sickie always seemed like a good idea in the morning, but by the end of the day you end up regretting it.

1. Waking up and deciding that you just don’t want to go to school today.

2. Furiously rubbing your forehead so it gets a bit warm before declaring to your mother that you’re ill.

3. Almost winning an Oscar for the performance you give to your parents overstating your illness.

4. Then nervously watching them have to do the same to your teacher over the phone.

5. Waiting for your parents to drive away before jumping around excitedly.

Home Alone excited

6. Preparing a spot on the sofa from which you don’t plan to move all day.

7. But not before bringing down your duvet because you’re “ill” duh.

8. Thinking to yourself, “I’d be in form right now” and feeling really smug about your boss life.

9. Getting out your timetable and looking at it every hour so you can revel in all the classes you’re missing.

10. SMSing your mates some top banter.

11. Getting inexplicably excited about the novelty of eating a packed lunch at home.



12. Feeling inevitably annoyed at how quickly the day seems to be going now you’re not in school.

13. Coughing down the phone when your mum calls to check up on you, even though the symptoms you thoroughly listed this morning didn’t include a cough.

Overdid it.

14. Wanting to go outside but having a fear of being spotted by an adult and arrested for life.

15. 3pm comes around and you see other kids coming home from school.

16. But now you’re paying the price of having a day off and your parents won’t let you do anything.

17. You go back to school the next day expecting an extravagant welcome.

18. But all you get are stories of the fun stuff you missed out on.

“It was someone’s birthday? You got to watch a film? And there was a fire alarm that lasted half the day? No fair!”

Every time.

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