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19 People Who Perfectly Captured Your Journey Into Adulthood

Becoming an adult is not easy. These people’s fails illustrate that perfectly.

1. You thought the journey into adulthood would be smooth. 

2. But so far it’s been anything but that.

3. And you regret thinking you were ready. 

4. Responsibilities are coming.

5. And you’re not sure you’re ready to handle them.

6. You can try all your best to run away.

7. But there is no escape.

8. Life always comes back for you.

9. All you can do is brace for impact.

10. As much as the thought of adulthood freaks you out…

11. You attempt to get a grip and move on. 

12. You ~try~.

13. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you succeed. 

14. And you might sometimes think things are going well. 

15. But you’d probably be wrong.

16. Because life is just too hard.

17. No one can do it.

18. So cheers, adulthood.

19. Thanks for always being there.

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