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19 Problems That Are Currently Haunting Every Recent Uni Graduate

It’s hard to adjust to life after university. The graduate struggles are all too real.

1. You thought you had it hard at uni, but now you have much bigger things to worry about.

2. Going through the process of erasing your student status online.

3. Dealing with the all the questions without having an existential crisis.

4. Being reminded that you actually are massively in debt.

5. And just wanting to run away from it all – but not being able to afford it.

6. The unfair reality that you are poorer than ever yet no longer get discount.

7. This soul destroying routine.

8. Coming to terms with the fact that you will never have enough experience for the good jobs…

9. But somehow having a degree means you are too experienced for the part-time jobs.

10. Reading this. Every day.

11. The amount of time it actually takes to properly apply for jobs.

12. Having to deal with your parents again.

13. Your friends being sly and applying for the same job as you. 

And if they get it and you don’t then ☺️☺️gr8☺️☺️

14. Getting notifications like this.

15. And having to at least attempt to remain positive about everything. 

16. Realising before long that your student overdraft won’t be interest free forever.

17. And you can’t even drink to forget because your tolerance to alcohol has gone way down.

18. Struggling to hold it together when you think about how much you miss uni.

19. Which is made even worse when 18 year olds start talking about how excited they are to start.

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