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19 Signs You Really Should Have Stayed Sober This Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ Week just wouldn’t be the same without alcohol. Perhaps that’s a good thing…

1. People you’ve only just met now know everything about you. Everything. 


2. Every single morning debrief has made you cringe.

3. You went to a cash machine and withdrew all the money. 

Where’s that next instalment when you need it?

4. You either drank something that looked like this, or encouraged someone else to do so.

5. This pretty much sums up every club experience you had.

via Vine

via Vine

6. You spent a lot of time rescuing your friends from situations like this.

7. And needing to be rescued yourself. 

Because apparently your face wasn’t a big enough hint.

8. You thought you were a photogenic person. Until you got tagged looking like this.

10. You’ve spent the whole week doing some much needed social media management.



11. But you can’t take back all those snapchats you sent.

12. Or the texts.

13. You probably have family members on Facebook who have now witnessed your unacceptable behaviour. 



14. You’ve had some form of takeaway almost every day.

15. Except that one time you tried to cook when drunk.

And learned why the university were so adamant to tell you not to do that.

16. You’ve seen enough vomit to last you the whole three years.

17. You’ve tried to convince yourself that your hangover isn’t your fault.

18. You got with someone and they gave you Freshers’ Flu.

As if you didn’t regret it enough.

19. And to top it all off your sleeping pattern is now ruined.

Just in time for lectures.

Yeah, shoulda stayed sober.

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