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19 Tweets About Uni Work That Are So True It Hurts

So. Much. Work. Twitter knows the struggle.

1. Life is hard right now.

2. You made the classic mistake of leaving everything until the break.

3. And it’s taking its toll.

4. Just thinking about your workload is too much for you.

5. So you continue to pretend it’s all okay.

6. You look across the pond like wtf.

7. Meanwhile contemplating whether uni is even worth it.

8. You’re at home which means all-nighters aren’t really acceptable any more.

9. Your parents literally just don’t get the struggle.

10. And your friends aren’t much better.

11. It’s hard to start writing.

12. But even when you do you sometimes wish you hadn’t. 

13. Your MS Word free trial has probably expired by now.

14. And you’re running out of fucks to give.

15. You’re trying your best.

16. But you’re only human.

17. And every time a new responsibility pops up you don’t know what to do with it.

18. Everyone else seems to have it so easy.

19. Except you. Never you.


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