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19 Unnecessary Fears You Had About Starting University

As an A-level student, it was natural to have some naive worries about the big world of higher education. Luckily almost none of them turned out to be real.

1. That you’d end up living with people you just don’t get along with.


2. Meaning that you’d go through university without making any actual friends.

3. You would pack all the wrong things.

4. And everyone would think you were a bit weird.

5. You worried how much people would judge you for your taste in music.

6. And for what posters you chose to hang on your walls.

7. Basically you thought every move you make could result in social exile.

8. You feared your halls would generally be awful.

9. And that no one would want to have fun, just study all the time.

10. You thought your A-level knowledge would not be enough and you’d fail your first year.

11. And that everyone else would be considerably more intelligent than you.

12. That your lecturers would be really strict and inevitably hate you.

13. Because you would never ever be able to write a good piece of academic text.

14. You panicked at the thought of every other student being better at life than you.


15. And thought your non-existent cooking skills would see you starve.

16. You were convinced you’d be too awkward to make friends on nights out.

17. And that you would in fact be made to drink vomit while others chant “down it fresher” at you. 



18. You worried about missing home and your friends far too much to cope without them.

19. Because you’d be ~so~ far away.

How wrong you were 🙈

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