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20 Signs You’ve Become Monica Geller Since Graduating

Adult life changes you. Your student self is a distant memory these days.

The signs are all there… you’re turning into Monica.

1. Your aggression reached new heights over Christmas.

2. And the whole time you were actually looking forward to a healthy January.

3. But you’re not immune to the occasional slip up.

4. You’re finally over uni and are actually quite glad to be an adult now…

5. Even though you’re in a stopgap you’re not quite proud of…

6. And can sometimes get overwhelmed by the need to have your shit together.

7. Your seduction skills have some way to go.

8. You don’t let anyone tell you what to do.

9. And are probably a bit too competitive for your own good.

10. The pride even extends to the kitchen, where anyone else’s input is shown the door.

11. Going back to your favourite student bar never ends well.



12. This is your reaction to most things in life.

13. Swiftly followed by…

14. And then…

15. You enjoy reminding your friends who took gap years how disappointing life can be immediately after graduation.

16. In a miraculous turnaround from your uni days, you are now a bit of a clean freak.

You actually got a little excited about your latest hoover purchase.



17. People call you controlling but you have no idea why.

18. And they look at you as the parent of the group.

Which you resent.

The Daily Touch

The Daily Touch

19. Because conversations with your actual parents are still painful.

20. But above all else, you love a good sandwich. No matter what the occasion.

You’re Monica. But that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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