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20 Tweets About Living With Your Parents Again That Will Get You Every Time

Uni > home. Easily.

1. You step out of student life and return to the cleanliness of home.

2. Which has its perks to start with…

3. But they come at a price.

4. And the novelty quickly wears off.

5. Just being in the same room is effort.

6. And you begin to miss uni already.

7. Where you actually pay to get lectured.

8. But if you call uni “home” your parents won’t be happy.

9. They don’t appreciate your independence.

10. Or your need to sleep.

11. And seem determined to annoy you at every opportunity.

12. 🙄🙄🙄

13. They have a different way of living to what you’re used to.

14. One that is just so, so sad.

15. And you have to adapt quickly if you want to survive.

16. They expect answers.

17. And their forgetfulness is just the worst.

18. You’ll spend most of the summer wishing you weren’t there.

19. Because they just don’t appreciate you.

20. How long till September again?

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