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21 Real Things You’ve Learned At University So Far

When you started uni you expected to learn a lot. But nothing like this.

1. That it’s alarmingly easy to spend all your money on alcohol.



2. And food is pretty expensive, too.

3. That your parents did a lot for you before you started uni.

4. That university can still sometimes feel like school.

5. And early morning fire drills are the absolute worst.

6. That you can be very persuasive.

7. But equally, you’ve learned your will power is pretty weak.

8. The only thing mobile banking is good for is making it easier for you to find out how screwed you are.

9. You’ve become an expert at dodging responsibility.

10. And have mastered your time management.

AKA, you know exactly how close to the deadline you can start an essay.

11. You spent your whole life up to now wishing for independent study, but have now learned that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

More direction and guidance, please.

12. A-Levels weren’t very helpful.

13. And bullshitting doesn’t work as well on uni lecturers as it did school teachers.

They see right through you.

14. “Pull an all-nighter” is a viable solution for all life’s problems.

15. No matter how hard you try there’s always someone on your course who does better.

16. You’ve discovered that being a cleaner doesn’t always mean you’re required to clean.

17. Yik Yak is everything. Until you go back home.

18. You’ve learned how to lie. Really well. Mainly to yourself.

You do it all the time.

19. And that Wikipedia is both a blessing and a curse.

20. You’ll happily spend £20 on alcohol, but if your toilet paper is more than £1 you’re out. 

21. But the most important lesson of all…

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