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23 Emotional Stages You Go Through When Your Housemate Drops Out of Uni

All the tears.

1. When they break the news it hits you like this.

2. You think they’re joking.

3. You hope they’re joking.

4. But they’re not. They’re leaving.

5. You try to fix it and offer a multitude of solutions that will keep them there.

6. But it’s too late.

7. You organise a night out to send them off properly.

8. And you all go hard.

9. Drunken declarations of love are never ending.

10. And crying in the toilet becomes the norm.

11. The morning after you find out that grief makes hangovers worse.

12. You ignore the fact that they’ve started packing.

13. “Nope. This isn’t happening” you tell yourself.

14. But then the day comes and they have to move out.

15. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you then have to worry about their replacement.

16. What if a freak moves in?

17. Or someone who doesn’t like pizza?

18. You say goodbye with the promise of meeting up ALL THE TIME.


19. But in reality that just doesn’t happen.


20. They like all your uni photos from then on. Making you feel guilty for having fun.

21. Because you know they’re sat at home like.

22. You message them with, “you should be here!” and “WHY ARE YOU NOT HERE????”

23. And sometimes you find yourself moving on which makes you feel even more guilty.

Just come back already 😭😭😭

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