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23 Struggles You’ll Recognise If You’ve Lived Through Winter as a University Student

Most of your time at university is spent during the colder months of the year. Which is odd because students and winter just do not mix.

1. Feeling even less motivated to get out of bed and go to lectures than you usually do because you risk getting frostbite as soon as you emerge from the covers.

Nope. Not going anywhere.

2. Never being able to properly dry any of your clothes.



3. And eternally smelling of damp as a result.

4. Because the heating in your house is fundamentally not allowed to be turned on.

5. Which results in a petty boiler war every year.

6. You can’t focus in lectures because all you can hear is coughing, sniffing and sneezing.

7. And you look out the window at 3pm and see that it’s already getting dark.

8. Which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t also dark when you set off in the morning.

9. It’s nearly impossible to look good on a night out because the bad weather undoes all your hard work.

10. And every time you go out you have the long cloakroom debate before setting off.

Which just sobers you up and diminishes your beer jacket even more.

11. When you do decide to take a coat out, the cloakroom queue at the end of the night is so long you consider just leaving it behind.

“It’s not worth it, I didn’t like it anyway!”

12. You’re coming to the end of your last student loan instalment, yet you’re still expected to buy presents and be generous.

erm no.

13. Stepping out of the warm shower into your cold, mouldy bathroom.

14. Any time you spend in the bathroom is basically awful.

15. Though at least people are more willing to do the dishes in winter because the warm water is a good cure for cold hands.

16. Having to spend considerably more time in the library just because it has central heating.

17. But you have to hide from your library bae because the wind and rain has ruined your life.

18. Overheating your laptop because you keep using it as a heater under your bed covers.

19. The cold weather always cools down your mid-essay tea far too quickly.

20. You can no longer tell the difference between damp and cold.

21. Trying to type with freezing cold fingers.

22. You have all your deadlines in December but it’s also the month you’re least motivated to do work.

Too cold. Too dark. Too much to do.

23. And you spend most of your time just wishing Christmas break would come around already.

So you can go home and leech off your parents’ heating and food. And ignore all the revision you should probably be doing…

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