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24 Questions Every Student Has Asked Themselves When Waking Up For a 9am Lecture

9am? Nope 😴😴😴😴

1. Can I just stay in bed?

2. Why am I even at uni?


4. How many of these have I missed now?

5. I can afford one more, right?

6. I’m not going to miss that much am I?

7. How long until we break up again?

8. Why did I go out last night?

9. Am I still drunk?

10. Won’t it all be on Blackboard anyway?

11. So what even is the point in going?

12. They don’t really keep track of attendance do they?

13. WHY is it so cold???

14. How am I expected to move when it’s this cold?

15. Whose idea was it to have lectures this early?

16. How late is too late?

17. Will anyone even notice if I’m not there?

18. Do I even want this degree?

19. Not attending is hardly going to affect my grades is it?

20. Why hasn’t someone brought me coffee yet?

21. Will I even have a productive day if I get up now?

22. Wouldn’t it be better if I just caught up on sleep?

23. Why am I not a morning person?

24. How do people do this every day?

Just let me sleep 😩

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