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24 Painfully Accurate Tweets Every Student With Exams In January Will Appreciate

January is the worst. Especially if you have exams.

1. When you should have been revising over the holiday but were too busy enjoying Christmas and life.

2. And when you realised just how much of a terrible decision that was.

3. When you started the new year determined to change your ways.

4. And then, just a week later, you were ready to give up again.

5. When your friends who actually studied didn’t know when to stop talking.

6. When the whole thing just had you feeling like this.


7. When you take a step back and just look at your exam schedule.

via Twitter / @HoskingChloe

via Twitter / @HoskingChloe

8. When your friends who don’t have exams are on a night out and you’re sat in the library “working”.

9. Every time you actually start revising, only to find a reason to stop soon after. 

10. Because the stress is just too much.

11. When you realise you’ve highlighted everything and your notes are garbage. 

12. And when you start making excuses for why you shouldn’t revise the hard topics.

13. When you tried to sleep but just lay there thinking about failure.

14. But at least you had the lecture printouts near your head. 

15. When you woke up on the day of an exam and had already accepted your fate. 

16. When you arrive outside the exam hall and everyone looks like this.

17. And people are attempting to reassure one another that it will all be okay but everyone knows it won’t. 

18. When that first question makes you wish you hadn’t bothered with uni at all.

19. Then when the exam invigilator comes over and you don’t want them to know you’ve re-read the same question 12 times.

20. Because you really don’t understand the question.

21. When it’s finally over and you just walk out like.

22. And quickly leave before people start discussing answers.

23. When you head straight to the pub because you’re so ready to move on from what just happened.

24. Because before, during, and after exams… there is only one feeling that remains.

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